Devin White: It was the Chiefs’ own fault for not helping their tackles


The Super Bowl continues to create a stream of comments and analysis, much of which is coming from the people involved in the case.

Buccaneers linebacker Devin White, the player for whom I would have voted for MVP, appeared on FS1’s Undisputed to discuss the game. Shannon Sharpe asked White whether he was surprised by the failure of the Chiefs to provide extra help to their offensive line.

“We knew that they was gonna be a cocky team, which they have every right to be,” White said. “They was the No. 1 offense in the entire National Football League. But the thing is, we knew they couldn’t block us. We knew that our front four was gonna dominate them. So they did us a favor. They played right into our hands.

“We weren’t gonna be that cocky team like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna play them in Cover One, we’re gonna shut them down.’ Our best guys matched up on their best guys. We was gonna make it be a team, collective win on defense, and that’s what we did, man. So at the end of the day they shouldn’t even talk about not having their offensive tackles when they didn’t even help them. They put them on islands by themselves with the best pass rushers in the game. So that’s at their own fault.”

Indeed it was. The Chiefs used only five blockers 92 percent of the time. The Chiefs relied on the ability of quarterback Patrick Mahomes to run away from pressure — and he ultimately ran 497 yards before throwing the ball or getting hit.

While having Mahomes always will make the Chiefs relevant, they have some work to do to stay ahead of defenses who are figuring out how to defend the best offense in the game.