Toddler recorded debut electronic album while she was still in her mum’s womb


A toddler is set to released the world’s first LP made from sounds recorded inside the womb.

Little Luca Yupanqui’s musician parents are the brainchild of her record-breaking achievement which will hits the shops in April.

Vibrations Luca made while she was in her mum Elizabeth Hart’s womb were transformed into sound using synthesisers which have been used for the 10-track album.

The recordings were made by placing electrodes on Elizabeth’s stomach.

Elizabeth is a member of psych-rock band Psychic Ills, and Luca’s dad Iván Diaz Mathé has worked with Lee “Scratch” Perry and others.

The couple carried out five hour-long “joint meditation” sessions where they recorded Luca’s vibrations.

The album ‘Sounds of the Unborn’ is being released on label Sacred Bones.

Sacred Bones claims Luca is a fan of her work saying the tracks are ‘the expression of a soul that hasn’t yet seen the light of day nor taken a single breath of air.

The label said: “Elizabeth and Iván mixed the album in 2020.

“Luca, now an infant, sat in the studio with them while they worked. Her awareness of what was happening was astounding.

“She would open her eyes wide and stare at her parents, seemingly recognising her own sounds from the womb, knowing that they were revisiting those rituals that made them come together as one.