Our Mission

crossfitGZCrossFit exists to make people fit.

We have tried to come up with a more eloquent mission statement but it eludes us. That is fine. Life is complicated enough. Our Calling is very simple, and we have the privilege of being able to pursue it.

Notice that the mission is not to make beautiful people, or make you feel younger. The body is designed for physical labor and performance, not vanity or immortality. Beauty and longevity is a corollary of the pursuit of fitness. You will have a better-looking hind-end or impressive pectorals (“pecks” for short) if you are actually fit. If you want that elusive “six pack”, get fit. If you want to stay out of the nursing home and doctor’s office, get fit.

Notice also that we do not specialize in a certain segment of society. We do not care if you are a lawyer, homemaker, grandma, pastor, truck-driver, CPA, mechanic or athlete. All are welcome to come, try a workout, and sign a contract. We will train you, and you will become fitter, if not actually fit.

Notice also, that the mission statement is devoid of notions regarding equipment or atmosphere. Those things are important to us if they help us make people fit. Otherwise, mirrors, TV’s, couches, plants, etc, get in the way. That is energy and time spent taking care of things instead of making people fit.

To learn more about the concept of fitness read this article.

For an overview of the CrossFit methodology and philosophy read this article.

If you still need to talk more about this, come in and we can chat. Then you can try a workout and see what you think. The first workout is on us.

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