October Athlete of the Week: Ian Williams

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I think everyone has noticed the amazing change in Ian Williams, especially if you saw him the first week he joined Ground Zero CrossFit. The man is confident, diligent, and authentic. He approaches the WOD like there is nothing that’s going to stop him. He keeps going no matter what the board says or how difficult nutrition might be for him that week. He stays humble through it all. Ian can set the pace of the WOD with his incredible attitude and perseverance. Ian Williams is my pick for athlete of the month.

Congratulations, Ian!

Coach Marcie Billens


September Athlete of the Week – Steven Caruthers

Uwem Workout of the Day

My Athlete of the Month is Steve Caruthers.

There are a lot of people in GZCF who encompass courage, eagerness, and the willingness to change. Steve is one athlete for me whom encompasses all those traits at the same time, every time. I know that when I coach Steve that he’ll at a minimum, try what I’m saying even if I get the look of “you’ve got to be out of your mind.” Steve has been coming to the Oly Tech classes from the beginning and I have had the privilege of watching him improve. Uwem and I have seen his technique improve dramatically not only on his lifts, but also as he does the lifts within a WOD. Not to mention, Steve has had to carry me, literally, multiple times during a very tough WOD. If you haven’t had a chance to meet Steve, go shake his hand and tell him congrats. He’s the tall one who’s killing every single WOD he does.

–Coach Charles Baker



Athlete of the Week: Kat Passlack Guillen

Uwem Workout of the Day

Kat Passlack Guillen

CrossFit tends to specialize in “not” specializing—in other words, it’s about making a person so well-rounded that they can adequately handle any challenge life throws their way. It’s about being functionally fit for life.

So, while I’m always impressed by people who use CrossFit as a means to achieve healthy lifestyle goals, I can’t help but watch in awe when I see an athlete who is versatile and skilled in a wide range of activities—so skilled that they embody the “elite sport” aspect of CrossFit.

It takes humility, intuition, and remarkable determination to become a gymnast, collegiate rower, cyclist, CrossFitter, and an olympic weightlifter. Kat Guillen is all of these—and she’s my athlete of the month.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching Kat in the Oly Club and I’ve watched her make tremendous progress. As a gymnast, Kat trained her entire life to maintain certain positions that, while necessary for gymnastics, were not conducive to weightlifting. She recognized this obstacle and worked hard to shape her mind for new training techniques. Now, she can move from a handstand pirouette to a snatch (and everything in between) with near perfect form and incredible strength.

Even though Kat came to Ground Zero with an extensive sports background, she has never relied on her past experiences to achieve her goals. Kat constantly pushes herself to improve in new areas and develop her fitness.

Her dedication and hard work doesn’t end in the gym, either—she recently competed in a 100 mile bicycle race, she’s brilliant in the science lab, and she’s devoted to her friends and family. I admire this athlete in the gym and in life in so many ways.

Kat, you are an inspiration! Keep up the great work!

-Coach Meredith McCue.



Monday 2014.09.15

Uwem Workout of the Day

A) Strength:

Complete every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

  • Even: 3 Cleans at 70% of 1RM
  • Odd: 5 Strict Handstand Push Ups

B) Conditioning:

N-C-E “1” Year!

Complete 3 rounds for time:

  • 12 Box Jumps 24/20″
  • 12 Tire Flips
  • 24 Double Unders (Must do at least 12 unbroken or start over.)

C) Competitors:

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes:

  • Burpees to 6 inch target.

Joel Williamson

Uwem Workout of the Day

Every week we want to honor those athletes that have inspired us and keep us inspired.

This week, we honor Joel Williamson. When I grow up I want to be like Joel. At just a “few” years older than me, he throws around the iron like it’s nothing and always comes back for more. He understands the work that needs to be done in order to go to achieve a goal. A perfect example is earlier this month when Joel competed in the “Red Dirt Classic”, his first competition. Joel took the “Movement Standards” List for the competition and worked on every movement weeks before competition day to make sure he had the movements down. The most impressive thing about that is that he acknowledged his weakness, put a target on it, and worked to improve it. Too many times a lot of us just keep doing what we’re good at and shy away from our weaknesses. Not Joel. Joel knew that if he wanted to be successful he needed to put in the hard, grinding work to improve himself. It paid off. In his first competition he came in fourth place and almost made the podium but missed it by a few seconds… in the last event! But no worries, I totally expect him to compete again and podium. One last thing that I admire about Joel, that needs to be said, is how active he is outside of the box. In addition to making the weights cry at the gym by his sheer awesomeness, Joel’s other life is being somewhat of a skydiving master! And by master, I mean, “I just jumped out of a plane 13 times this weekend…with a squirrel suit on… and my parachute failed but no biggie because I managed to untangle it” master.

Keep up the hard work Joel!

Chris Aguayo – Coach


Friday 2014.09.12

Uwem Workout of the Day

A) Skill & Development:

Take 7 minutes to work on Dumbbell/Kettle Bell Clean.

B) Conditioning:

Complete 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:

  • Power Cleans at 155/115#
  • Barbell Roll Outs
  • Romanian Deadlifts

C) Competitors:

Complete every minute on the minute for 7 minutes:

  • Even: 3 Back Squats at 75% 1RM
  • Odd: Third World Squat